Freeroaming Solutions

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Freeroaming Solutions is a freelance and contract software development company owned, run and staffed entirely by me, Iain Bryson.

I'm here to provide top-notch coding services across a broad spectrum of languagesRuby, Javascript, frameworks and APIs. When you hire me, you're getting expertise at delivering solid products on time and within budget borne of extensive experience working for organizations of all sizes, from tiny startups to industry-leading corporations.

Here's What I Can do For You

  • Full-stack web applications
  • Data visualization
  • System architecture design and consulting

Take a look at the portfolio below to see some examples.

6 Completed Projects
6 Completed Projects
4 Years, 7 Months
4 Years, 7 Months

If you prefer a resume, you can download it here.

Who am I?

I am Iain Bryson. I've worked with software all my professional life, mostly for Microsoft. In 2014 I transitioned to the world of freelancing and became a digital semi-nomad — travelling then staying put for long periods. So now I get to scratch the travel bug, live in exotic (and not-so-exotic) locations and continue to make great software.


  • Keeper

    Keeper is a platform that provides deep searching of documents in your cloud storage.

    railsrubyAWSAWS CDKJavaScriptVue.jsK8SPostgres
  • Grafiti Search

    Grafiti finds the best charts and infographics from around the web and lets users search for the charts they want, create collections etc.

    railsrubyAWSJavaScriptVue.jsVanilla.jsSlack APIPostgres
  • Grafiti Chart Maker Web App

    Grafiti Chart Maker was an app designed to make it easy to create charts on a mobile device.

  • Grafiti Chart Maker iOS App

    Grafiti Chart Maker was an app designed to make it easy to create charts on a mobile device.

  • Listen to Denmark Research Portal

    Listen is a project in Denmark to gather the sounds of the nation. My contribution is a website for researchers to analyze and download the data (both metadata and raw sound files).

  • eNote

    eNote is a custom e-learning platform built for Denmark Technical University (DTU) from scratch.

  • Elicit

    Elicit is a joint project between DTU in Denmark and NYU in New York City to provide a platform for psychological experiments

  • Microsoft

    My years at microsoft were divided between the Visual C++ team and the OneDrive team.